Ad Promos From Past Shows

In producing and promoting concerts, Universal Concert Group leaves no stone unturned. Spoken by Ted Turner, "Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Promote Like Hell and Advertise" are the words we live by. We combine old school advertising methods with today's online advertising techniques.

:60 Radio Spot For Rock In Reno
Featuring Vince Neil, Queensryche and Great White.
Created By: Mike Allen and Jave Patterson
Voice: Jave Patterson

:60 Radio Spot For Night Of The Ryche, Phoenix
Featuring Queensryche and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee
Created by: Mike Allen and KDKB 93.3 Phoenix

Radio Call-In. Vince Neil Calls In to Promote The Show.
After song ends, Vince Neil talks about the show, what listeners can expect to hear and his band members.

Radio Phoner. Members of Queensryche, Michael Wilton and Todd LaTorre
Todd and Whip call in to Rock 105.7 KOZZ and chat with Jave Patterson to promote our show in Reno. Todd also discusses what it's been like to step in and replace the likes of Geoff Tate.

Ad promo for a Meet and Greet we set up for Jake E. Lee's new band Red Dragon Cartel to be held at Zia Records just hours before the show. Ad placed in Phoenix New Times.

Great White and Queensryche Meet and Greet at Bizarre Guitar in Reno. Photo Ops, CD signing and Ticket Giveaway.